Training is crucial for organizational development and success. It is fruitful to both employers and employees of an organization. 
An employee will become more efficient and productive if he is trained well.




Expand your oportunities with us.

Flightline is approved as Type Rating training organization, for the SA226, SA227 & the Embraer 120 Brasilia.

After a succesfull training with us, the 90% of our students, becomes a Flightline Pilot

Expand your knowledge with us.

We are fully capable to offer you a personalized training that covers all your needs, we are able to perform training in your facilities, and adapt the syllabus to your requirements.

  • SA226/227 Familiarization training
  • Emb120 Familiarization Training
  • PART-M Training
  • PART-145 Training
  • PART-21 Training
  • Human Factors (Initial and recurrent)
  • Fuel Tank Safety Level 1
  • Fuel Tank Safety Level 2
  • Quality
  • EWIS levels 3 and 4

Actually Flightline is providing, online training & Training materials to the largest airline in Spain, 

This bussines brand started at 2011 is growing year by year, becoming one important part of our bussines.

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